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Italian collectible toys and cards

Collection Island: italian collectible toys and cards, Kinder surprise collections, toy soldiers and Pokemon cards

Italian collectible toys, cards and Kinder surprises

Collection Island was created in 1990 by two collectors whose interests and different experiences lead them to deal with the collectibles' field, both in the italian and international area.
Collection Island focuses especially on italian collectible toys and cards, such as Kinder surprise collections, puzzles, metal toy soldiers and other collectibles like Mc Donald's cards.
A special section deals with metal toy soldiers and Pokemon trading cards' collections.
All of these collectibles are bought and sold directly online through Collection Island's store.
Our online store keeps being organized under the commercial side of the distribution through the Internet, the continuous upgrade of the site, the customer service, the reliability of the delivery service and the continuous requests of collectibles which come daily from our customers.

italian collectible toys and cards,Kinder surprise collections - Collection Island

Kinder surprise collections

Collection Island has also a wide range of Kinder surprise collections, including:

  • Kinder surprise Italian series;
  • Kinder surprise German series;
  • Kinder surprise European series;
Also included in our store are Kinder cards, which also comprise Italian, German and European series.
This is our list of Kinder surprise's complete collections:
  • Happypotami
  • Tartallegre
  • Coccodritti
  • Ranoplà
  • Leoventuras
  • Panda Party
  • Pingui beach
  • Coccobulli
  • Squalibabà
  • Happydinos
  • Fantasmini
  • Elefantao
  • Luna park
  • Miaogizi
  • Sir Condor
  • Stralunati
  • Castorcin
  • Nani e fiori
  • Nani al bagno
  • Gnomburloni I
  • Gnomburloni II
  • Gnomi artigiani
  • Gnomi stagioni
All our collections of italian collectible toys and cards, as well as Kinder surprise, metal toy soldiers, Mc Donald's collectibles and Pokemon trading cards, could be find on our web site, which we are welcome to invite you visiting by clicking on the link below.

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